Ophon Music Furniture joins Haarlem Vinyl Festival & Making Vinyl

September 19, 2023
2 min read

Like Ophon Music Furniture, Haarlem Vinyl Festival was born out of a deep love for music, vinyl records, and cover art. On this year's first edition of the festival, we join forces with them to showcase what we mutually love most. Ophon's presence includes a set-up of five Coverfront record cabinets for the One LP sleeve art exhibition.

"Our record cabinets are modular and customizable, so at Haarlem Vinyl Festival we wanted to show different types of furniture," says Ophon founder Piet Hein Clijsen. "We have a brand new material, we recently started producing a cabinet specifically for 7-inch singles, and we're bringing a few smaller variants from the Coverfront family as part of the listening set-ups at Haarlem Vinyl Festival. We're looking forward to introducing our furniture while meeting like-minded record collectors and cover art enthusiasts.”

The One LP Exhibition
We will facilitate the One LP exhibition at the Haarlem Vinyl Festival Hangout - in the PHIL Foyer. One LP is a unique and critically acclaimed portrait photography project that explores the inspirational qualities of recordings and the impact that they have on people's lives. Each portrait features the subject holding a recording that is of great personal significance. 

Visit the exhibition on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (September 29th to October 1st) and get to know all the ins and outs of this project during the accompanying fascinating Q&A on Saturday.

Are you planning to visit Haarlem Vinyl Festival or the industry conference Making Vinyl from September 28th to October 1st? Please feel free reach out to us by email, on Instagram, or on Facebook—we'd love to meet up!


 Ophon’s Coverfront is high-end modular furniture that is designed to store all your records and showcase them to your preferred mood and liking. The different compartments allow easy flip-through browsing and put the cover art upfront while you’re listening to the music.

Each shelf stores 60 records facing forward or 80 records sideways. As your record collection grows, Coverfront can grow with you. The modular system allows for more space.

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The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

Our showroom is located at the Overtoom in Amsterdam (appointment-only). Please contact us to make an appointment to experience the Coverfront yourself.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

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