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Display and store your vinyl collection in any way you want with Coverfront.

Creatively display your beautiful record album artwork. Neatly organise your treasured record collection. You’ll never have to search through piles of records again.

Easy flip-through browsing just like in a record store.

Each compartment stores 60 records facing forward or 80 records sideways.

Made locally in the Netherlands in a CO2-neutral facility using FSC-certified materials. 

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Limited time only.

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Ophon Coverfront 4 – 2 elements (White)

Ophon Coverfront 4 – 2 elements (Black)


“This cabinet is really eye-catching and has become a conversation piece when someone comes to visit. Its distinct design allows me to arrange and display the covers of my favourite records in a different way and as often as I wish.”

– Ronald, Amsterdam

“Beautiful finish, functional and nice details. So great to see the covers: you can regularly rearrange them so that you have a new wall decoration every time. It's also really handy to browse through the records as if you were in a record store. A real eye-catcher in the living room. And excellent service.”

–  Ingrid & Joris, Rotterdam


“With this vinyl record cabinet, you get the most out of the beautiful artwork of your carefully constructed record collection.”