Face Your Music #2: Nils Taildeman

May 19, 2023
2 min read

In our series Face Your Music, we portray record collectors with their favourite music—and cover art. This time: Nils Taildeman is a creative director and art director. Based in Amsterdam, born and raised in Paris.

After listening to music in MP3 format, he was looking for the same way to experience music as way back when. He bought a record player and that’s when this thing called ‘record collecting’ started to get out of hand.

After looking for the right record cabinet for quite some time, he came across Ophon’s Coverfront—and found out that Ophon was based a stone’s throw away from where he lived. We shot him at home, where he selected Amok by Atoms For Peace from his Coverfront.

What do you like about the music of Atoms For Peace?

What I love about Atoms For Peace, is mostly the combination of musicians. I’m a fan of everything Thom Yorke does. I like to own a physical copy of the ‘side projects,’ Because it’s not too much of a commercial release, and the amount is usually quite limited. That deserves to be saved! That’s what I like about records. You really own the music, and it’s not stored on someone else’s server. Aside from that, records of course sound good (especially on 45 RPM), and the medium forces you to really sit down for it.

Can you tell us something about the artwork of Amok?

The cover is real eye candy. It’s of course designed by Stanley Donwood, who handles the art for pretty much all of Thom Yorke’s productions. That’s what I love about albums: the feeling starts even before you put on a record. To feel the sleeve, the print, and experience that it’s done with care. Even if the music would’ve been shit, I would still be happy with this record. [Laughs] As a graphic designer myself, I like beautiful designs. Even just for that reason it’s worth putting Amok in a record cabinet.

Do you remember where you bought this record?

Each record has its own story. Same for Amok. After seeing the documentary Searching For Sugar Man, I went straight to the record store Mabu Vinyl when I was in Cape Town. That’s where the search for sugar man began. That’s where I found this record.


 Ophon’s Coverfront is high-end modular furniture that is designed to store all your records and showcase them to your preferred mood and liking. The different compartments allow easy flip-through browsing and put the cover art upfront while you’re listening to the music.

Each shelf stores 60 records facing forward or 80 records sideways. As your record collection grows, Coverfront can grow with you. The modular system allows for more space.

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The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

Our showroom is located at the Overtoom in Amsterdam (appointment-only). Please contact us to make an appointment to experience the Coverfront yourself.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

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