Face Your Music #3: Mark Coenders [7-Inch Singles Edition]

August 14, 2023
3 min read

Here at Ophon, we like to create custom solutions for record collectors. When Mark Coenders reached out to us with the request to create a record cabinet to display and store his huge collection of 7-inch singles, we were on the case. Read the interview with him below, with photos of the first-of-its-kind Coverfront for 7-inch singles.

What was your record storage like before?
At first, my singles were stored and tucked away in the attic; in cardboard boxes like disc jockeys often have. But I wanted to have a record player in my living room again to be able to listen to 7-inch singles once in a while. In addition to that, I wanted to show the records in a nice way. The Coverfront ended up being the perfect solution. The process started with my own input on how I envisioned a record cabinet for 7-inch singles. With that, Ophon’s Piet Hein got started with the design straight away with full enthusiasm. Every single day, I happily look at the Coverfront. I’m delighted with the record cabinet—it’s actually already too small!

Where did you put the Coverfront in your home?
It’s in a room which used to be the children's playroom. Now, it's Dad's playroom, so to speak. [Laughs] That’s where the Coverfront is with a few record players and a sound system. I sometimes sit there with music lovers. Then we take turns choosing a single to play, and each of us tells something about the artist or the release. It's that simple. We're just like kids in that regard… Put down a crate of records and you’re good for a long time.

Do you notice that you browse your 7-inch records differently now that they're stored and displayed in a Coverfront?
Definitely. For example, when the singles were stored in the attic, I might take some singles out of the box a few times a month. With the Coverfront, you are in touch with your music every single day. If I have time, I like to listen to records. I notice that I put a lot more time into that: listening to singles that I haven't heard in a long time, looking at what the B-side was… Stuff like that. It’s also a piece of furniture that everyone truly loves as soon as they see it.

Do you notice that when you have people over?
Yes, people who are interested in music or vinyl usually dig through the singles to find something fun. I always make sure to display nice covers. That's the nice thing about a Coverfront: the collage of records and cover art constantly changes. Only one can be in the front of the shelf…

But I don't see that as a disadvantage. If you store singles sideways in the ‘traditional way,’ you of course never see any cover art. That way it’s also difficult to go through your 7-inch singles; you have to turn your head every single time… That is not the case with the Coverfront. It's a wonderful solution that I had been looking for for a long time. There are simply no good alternatives. It’s a quality piece of furniture that you can keep for the rest of your life if you want to…

Do you have any favorite covers that keep circling back to the front of your Coverfront?
On Discogs, I use the cover of "I Ran" by A Flock of Seagulls. I think that's a really nice sleeve. The cover art is extremely colorful. But an all-black cover by Metallica is also nice to me... You can make the composition as diverse and original as you want. I often do that based on a diversity of colors.


 Ophon’s Coverfront is high-end modular furniture that is designed to store all your records and showcase them to your preferred mood and liking. The different compartments allow easy flip-through browsing and put the cover art upfront while you’re listening to the music.

Each shelf stores 60 records facing forward or 80 records sideways. As your record collection grows, Coverfront can grow with you. The modular system allows for more space.

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The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

Our showroom is located at the Overtoom in Amsterdam (appointment-only). Please contact us to make an appointment to experience the Coverfront yourself.

The Coverfront is a product from Ophon. Our products are designed to share our ♥ for music.

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